Experts’ Corner


Hi, I am Nikki!

I am an effervescent, energetic fitness instructor and writer with a love for all things edible. You’ve probably heard the saying “you can’t out train a bad diet” and I am a true believer of that, but I also think that eating well and in a healthy way is really important.

Before I started my career as a personal trainer, I worked for various health and medical websites and magazines. I now like to spend my time writing about topics that I love – namely health and fitness – along with helping people achieve their personal fitness goals.

In my blog posts I hope to share my passion for both fitness and healthy eating, and show how they can help make you feel happier, healthier and more confident in your day-to-day life.


Hello, I’m Martin!

I am a philosopher, a writer and… a foodie! I became interested in food issues when I was about four. No seriously, food is something everyone should be interested in! It’s one of life’s great pleasures – at least that is, if you eat right.

And decisions about food, as the ancient philosophers recognized, touch every other decision too. From what sort of planet we live on, to how we treat each other. I look at food issues these days as a social scientist, but I also wrote a little mini-book on food an philosophy a few years back, and in the process discovered that many of the famous philosophers had everyday, very practical views about food and diet.
Did you know that Nietzsche probably wrecked his health by only eating meat broth? Or that Rousseau held romantic soirées with strawberry deserts? My interest has only expanded… and in my blog pieces I hope to share some of the fascinating things I’ve discovered about the big “food question”.


Hi, I am Caroline!

I am a certified nutritionist and a mother of three, living in the Suffolk countryside.  As a child I could always be found in the kitchen mixing, sieving, pouring and combining an array of unsuitable ingredients to make something inedible that I would then force my poor twin sister to eat.

However, I was swept along by GCSE options and career advice and became an accountant and financial analyst working both in London and Germany.  Although I loved my job, it wasn’t my passion!  After the arrival of my three children, two of which were very unwell, I had to learn about nutrition and medication and so enrolled on a 3-year nutrition course with the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond, London. It was here that things fell into place.  The course was very scientific and allowed me to learn about the chemistry of food and the impact that optimal nutrition can have on the body.

I qualified a few years ago and now have a small practice of private clients and have also been a volunteer and now a Board Member for an amazing HIV Charity called The Food Chain in London.  I still am mixing, sieving and pouring in my kitchen… but these days it is with much better success!