How to Not Overindulge During the Holidays

The holidays are known for delicious food! Cakes, cookies, candy, brownies, pies…the list can go on and on! However, many people may end up overeating during the holidays. Everywhere we turn there is another yummy treat, so it’s not surprising that people may feel that they overindulge during the holiday season. Keep reading to explore some tips on how to not overindulge this holiday season.

Plan your meals

Don’t drive yourself crazy planning out every single meal during the holiday months, but it may be a good idea to plan some meals in advance. For example, if you know you have an office party that will have food, maybe you plan to eat at the office party. That way you are not eating dinner at home and then having a second dinner at the party. In addition, you could plan out what snacks you will eat for the day. That way, you are not grabbing every yummy snack you see along the road! You can also plan your meals in advance so you have time to make your own healthy meals! Often, we don’t want to cook after work, but planning in advance may help.

Choose Healthy Snack Alternatives

You can also choose healthy alternatives to embrace your holiday cravings without overindulging. There are healthy snack alternatives for crisps, cookies, cakes, brownies and more! Healthy also means tasty! Healthy alternatives taste just as good as other snacks, you just need to find them. Not only do these healthy snacks taste great, but they give you vitamins and nutrients that allow you to live a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy does not mean cutting out the yummy holiday snacks. Being healthy and not overindulging means finding healthy alternatives that taste just as great!

Control Your Portion Size

Even though something may be delicious, if you feel full, put the fork down. If you think you are a served a very large portion, keep in mind that you do not need to finish the food. Enjoy your meal or snack until you are full. That way you won’t feel stuffed after eating, and you will prevent yourself from overindulging in the tasty food. If you have some leftover, you could always package it up and eat it later when you are hungry. Bringing home leftovers are a great way to save money and eat a healthy portion size!

With so many delicious and festive holiday food and snacks surrounding us at Christmas time, it is very easy to overindulge. Try these simple tips, and see if they work for you. But always remember to treat yourself too! After all, it is the holidays, so make sure you are enjoying the festive flavours of the season.