Life as a new mum can be a rollercoaster ride through the unknown. From smiles and laughter to sleepless nights and dirty nappies. Good days, bad days – no day is the same, and new mums rarely have time to do anything for themselves. And to top it all off, most women gain weight during pregnancy and subsequently struggle to shift it once they’ve given birth.

Stubborn tummies

Putting on weight during pregnancy is not only inevitable, it is also important for the health of the baby. But once the little one arrives, many women are determined to return to somewhere near their pre-pregnancy body. They want to shift their ‘mum tum’, tone up their bum and hope that doing a jumping jack will one day be a possibility.

But with 101 other things to do, fitting in time to go to the gym, is pretty much impossible. Not only that: knowing what exercises are safe to do after giving birth, that can be tricky, and for many women… quite scary.

For nine months, the body adjusts to hold and deliver a child. Your ligaments loosen, hormones go crazy and your body redistributes weight in a way that puts extra stress on the body. After birth, the body takes a while to adapt and return to how it was. Exercising correctly during this time is important and there are certain exercises, like running, that should initially be avoided.

So is it a mission impossible to get rid of that mum tum and regain pre-pregnancy fitness? Luckily, no. But how do you do it?

Here’s the answer:

Buggy Fitness

One of the best ways to drop a few pregnancy pounds is to get out and about with the buggy. Walking to the shops, meeting with friends to do a few laps of the park; anything that involves moving is a great place for new mums to start.

Buggy Fit classes, specifically designed for new mums, are great for improving fitness and very sociable. Mums arrive in their workout gear with their buggy and spend an hour doing a mixture of exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness, as well as strengthen and tone.

Most of the exercises focus on the core, and are relatively low impact. Mums will alternate between standing punches, squats and lunges. They use benches for tricep dips and press-ups, trees for squat holds and picnic blankets to work the abs.

Not having to pay for childcare is a bonus, and there are proven benefits of exercising outside in the fresh air. These include improving mental health, boosting metabolism and generally making mums feel happier and more confident.

So if you want to look better, feel fitter, healthier and full of energy; why not grab your buggy and get outside exercising?

Here’s to that summer body!

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Image credit: Nikki Withers