The past few weeks I have been feeling very low in energy. Maybe it’s the weather changing, perhaps the fact that I have a new business partner. I can finally “relax” a bit (all the pressure is not just weighing on me anymore – although I still work just as hard). Hence, feel a bit deflated, but no matter the reason – my energy levels have been oh so low.

In true Sofie form, I tend not to dwell but rather like to seek a solution. So I wrote my ideas down and asked in a forum. Here are the 7 things we found helps boost your energy levels:


Eat more C-vitamins and get your D-vitamins right!

The first sign showing I was low on energy were from people around starting to take notice. Caroline, our COO and Head of Products started saying “I think you should eat some more c-vitamin tablet, buckle up!” Being a bit thick headed at that moment, It didn’t register until the third or fourth time. I asked her “why do you think I need more C-vitamin” to which she responded: Although you are not sick your work requires a lot of energy from you which can make you depleted in energy. By increasing your c-vitamin during work intensive times, you can boost your immune system to keep energized.

Products that are high on c-vitamin are fruit snacks such as apples. Surprisingly they sometimes contain more c-vitamins than oranges that are picked when not yet ripe and shipped across oceans. Have an apple a day to keep the doctor away, and to spice it up you can enjoy apple crisps or an organic apple cake. You can also read more about c-vitamin benefits, from Harvard here.

To check why I was low on energy, I went to the doctor, and they took a few blood samples. Even though I eat super healthy, adding to the vitamins, I found out my d-vitamins were very low. Now, I am on a double dose of d-vitamins and have sun bathing on the prescription. Not too shabby. Guess I am forced to travel to the sun sometime soon :). Furthermore, make sure you get enough food with d-vitamins such as fish or fish oil, mushrooms and egg yolk!

I guess being in London for 4 years will do that to you. No matter how healthy you are.


Eat balanced and start with breakfast

In trying to get a healthy lean breakfast and get fit I was making a massive mistake.

By only making fruit smoothies I was heavily increasing the fruit sugar levels. Caroline told me, that by simply adding dairy or peanut butter to the mix, I’d get the protein that would stabilize my sugar levels and keep me full for longer, so that is what I did! For a nutty breakfast check out this link and so far it is helping me stay energised and stop sugar cravings.


Exercise regularly

In the evenings, when I am not eating out, I tend to crash on the couch after a long day but it makes me feel old, boring and even more low in energy.

I recently developed a chlorine allergy and had to change my beloved swimming routine to a  new fitness routine – which was a challenge.

Now, I tend to force in workouts with my partner or friends to keep a healthy lifestyle. The first ten minutes It help me stay up to beat the next few days and makes me happy later.  Typically I run 2.5-5 kilometres followed by half an hour exercise in the park.

It also helps the muscles relax, helps me sleep better at night and helps my digestion apart from helping you stay fit.

You can find great gym tips on a budget here.


Stay hydrated

I drink A LOT of water. 2 glasses before every meal, one after the meal and then during the day I tend to drink loads. This helps me stay hydrated which helps the body work better all around. Our body consists of almost 75% water, and we need to make sure we stay this way. But of course not too much either as this will wash out your vitamins! 


Substitute Sugar with healthier alternatives

Avoid eating refined sugars and empty carbs. These will make you feel fatigued and slower. The good news is you don’t need to cut it out either. By substituting your beloved pasta, rice and sweet with whole wheat alternatives: You’ll avoid a spark in your sugar level and avoid a sharp decrease.

By keeping a balanced sugar level, you can go on for longer and avoid health related issues such as diabetes.

Healthier alternatives to sweets can be dried fruit such as jujube crisps, cereal bars or dark chocolate, which helps your brain focus too!


Get a good nights sleep!

When I just moved away from home, I had a tv and computer in my bedroom – I studied there and did everything, even my exercise. (Ah, the memories of living in a one bedroom apartment). However, as I grew slightly older, I realized this was disrupting my sleep pattern including what I ate.

Therefore, make sure you not only avoid sugars, alcohol and coffee before sleep but also kept work OUTSIDE the room making my bedroom a place to sleep and relax!


M-E-D-I-T-A-T-E not medicate

Mornings are my sanctuary. Just ask my friends. This is when I reload, recharge and refocus. No matter what your spiritual denomination is, mine is Christianity, I think finding inner peace is key to keep moving. I get much more done when I take the time to pray about what lies ahead of the day and show gratitude for what has been and what is. It’s time to reflect, you know.

Prayer being the quiet moment is my secret sauce to help me going all throughout the day.

When leavinf for work in the morning without this routine, I feel beside myself. Prayer, or meditation, helps me focus and stay centred in the crazy wonderful big city, which is London.

(I am not a medical expert. Although our nutritionist is certified, we always recommend you to see a doctor or professional for a personalised plan).


Yours truly,

Sofie (Founder of StopMyCraving)