Your diet is like a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

Bethenny Frankel




StopMyCraving is the revolutionary company that will help you find tasty, healthy and ethical alternatives for your daily cravings!

With our specialised e-commerce we will take care of your dietary needs and lifestyle, giving you a wide range of healthy products to choose from! On our platform you will be able to sign up and insert your dietary preferences in order to be  matched to the best products for you! For example, if you are allergic to gluten,  if you are vegan, or you are simply trying to maintain a specific lifestyle, we will immediately show you the perfect products for you!



We believe in a sustainable world, therefore all our displayed products come from small natural producers around Europe. Thanks to our platform, all our suppliers can sell in a easier and cost effective way, avoiding the big costs they would otherwise incur into with normal supermarkets, making it possible for us to pass the savings onto you, our valued customer. 




All StopMyCraving boxes are built with recyclable materials, and have that pop and trendy look that will make you smile when arriving at your door step!


We provide different sizes, and you can decide to customize your box with the products you prefer. Looking at your profile, we will give you some suggestions based  on your dietary needs, looking at your profile, but it will be you, and ONLY YOU, who will then select the exact items to put in your box.


We also provide B2B solutions, in order to answer the need for healthy snacks and drinks at corporate meetings, events, gyms, children parties, hospital and universities’ vending machines and so on. We will help you make your office, school or similar, a happy healthy place!


There is no settled limit on the size or weight of your box, we only ask you to start building it from a minimum order of 25 pounds.




After searching for your preferred products and creating a personal profile on, you will be able to place your order and pay directly online, with Paypal or credit card. Insert your preferred delivery address, and you will receive your box within 48 hours.

We ship all around Europe: no more stress to go crazy looking for your dream products!


Find out more about StopMyCraving, and subscribe to our newsletter to be informed on the latest news and special offers – and of course to know when we will be ready to go live.

Now you can finally  embrace your cravings without feeling guilty!


StopMyCraving: Enjoy snacking, enjoy life!