Why Us?

StopMyCraving was created to provide alternative snacks at affordable prices to meet your cravings and support a healthy lifestyle. We also offer discounted subscription services and price matching to ensure you recieve the best price possible.

Snacks tailored to you.

Our snacks are both healthy and delicious! Each snack is sourced by a certified nutritionist and taste-tested by us before going on our website. We have convenient snacks suitable to all allergy and diet requirements to ensure you maintain your strength throughout the day.

Our trusted producers

We only work with natural, small-batch producers to ensure we provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Meet the Dream Team

Sofie Annikki Dralle

CEO & Founder

CEO of StopMyCraving, Sofie is experienced in European Business expansion for Northern Europe. She is also an accomplished singer.

Caroline Blackmore

Co-founder, COO & Head of Products

COO and Head of Product, Caroline is a qualified Nutritionist and Trustee for the Food Chain who loves trail running.

Gulistan Boylu

Frontend Developer

A Coder and Consultant, Gulistan has her own digital agency. She is passionate about the Women in Tech movement.

Muharrem Tigdemir

Backend Developer

Backend Wizard, Muharrem is a maker who is passionate about sharing. He also loves puzzle and gaming.

Deesha Devnani

Social Media & Marketing

Deesha runs our social media & marketing. She is aiming to pursue a career in Digital Marketing & Social media. A devout vegetarian, she is passionate about health and fitness.

Elbetel Alamrew

Community Management

Elbetel runs our StopMyCraving community & partnerships. She is passionate about helping you get the best customer experience and learning more about nutrition.