Healthy cup cakes

How did it begin?

The founder, Sofie Dralle, started StopMyCraving after struggling with cravings and food allergies. At the same time, she had a back injury and was unable to move outside the four walls of her house. Being stuck inside, the cravings grew and taught by society to suppress cravings rather than embrace them, she found that this lead to an unsustainable diet.

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And then...

She asked: “How about if we create a platform where you can type in your dietary needs and lifestyle preferences and be matched to healthier alternatives to cravings from ethical producers?” and the vision to: “Help people find healthy alternative snacks and drinks to cravings, from small natural producers, matching your personal dietary needs and lifestyle” was born.

Sofie Dralle summit

How did we get where we are?

The beta was launched In February 2016 and tested with Diabetes UK and Puregym during the summer.

Upon attending Websummit in fall 2016, the first round of funding was successfully raised following a successful acceleration with H-Farm and Cisco technologies until March 2017.

Sofie-Caroline team

During this time...

 The second platform was formed and Sofie also met Caroline Blackmore who later the same year joined as a co-founder. With her experience as an accountant and nutritionist, she was and is the perfect fit!

During the fall 2017 StopMyCraving was awarded top 20 startups in the UK by Deloitte & The Pitch, was accepted to Europe’s best Accelerator, Accelerace and mentioned as top 21 growth startups in Denmark by

Stopmycraving team

The second version launched

The second version of the platform was launched in February 2018 and we can’t wait to grow the platform!

So who’s the dream team making it happen?

Meet the Dream Team