Once upon a time, there was a girl standing in the kitchen, craving for cookies…

Hi everyone,

I am Sofie, and here is my story of how StopMyCraving was born.

Nowadays, I am a married woman, with her normal family life ups and downs, and I am the CEO and founder of StopMyCraving. Just a short while ago, I was only a grad student with few work experience and a dream. But no one imagines that way before this I was a high school drop out with an eating disorder.

The high school academic board told me “you will neve become anything if you drop out”. Adamant to prove them wrong, there was never a question in my mind that I wanted to go to university and finish my courses. And I made it to my dream education!

But life never ceases to challenge you. Along the way I developed a back injury which meant I was unable to move for three months. Having been an an ice skater, society taught me “you will never be good enough if you are not skinny enough or look a certain way”. Can you imagine me, an athlete with an eating disorder, being closed in the house doing nothing all day? I felt physically and mentally stuck! I knew then I had to take charge and change my life if I wanted to recover and live a long high quality life

From my bed, I started researching about cravings and found an article from Harvard saying:

“to beat a craving you have to meet a craving”

I was blown away and thought “if this study is true, why haven’t no one heard about this before? I said to myself: “If I need to meet my craving, I have to find healthier alternatives if I don’t want get a load of other problems at the end of this”.

The same day I was in the kitchen looking at a pack of cookies asking myself: “how do I know what goes into this and where can I find a healthier alternative matching my needs? How can I stop my craving?” I started searching for healthier alternatives online and the food information was scattered. It took me a lot of time to see where to get my preferred products and none of them where available at the same store. Being time restricted and physically low on energy due to my injury, I was unable to walk to ten different stores to get what I needed. Later that day I was at the supermarket and started hearing people say, “I wish I could find a healthier low fat product”, “Where can I find this as an organic alternative”, “My son has ADHD and we have to find sugar free alternatives”, “My daughter has egg allergy and we have to plan four hours each week to do the grocery shopping, combined with busy work lives”

I took it as a sign and said to myself, we need to do something about it! I began scribbling down ideas and this is how StopMyCraving was born. It started as search engine app where we could type in preferences and see where to buy the products. Through the prototype it became clear that we needed to deliver directly to people. That is what StopMyCraving is about today.

We want to help you find tasty alternatives matching your personal dietary needs & lifestyle, delivering products directly to your door. So stay healthy, save time and money using StopMyCraving.

Join the food revolution today!