A few years ago I would have combined this day with a lot of joy, a phone call and happy small celebration with a small present. Truth be told, we don’t get crazy over this holiday in my family but we try to make an effort.

Today, it is slightly a different story. My father passed away a few years ago so writing this post is especially touching. Here are a few things that I would like to do if my dad was still around in order to celebrate his fatherhood, cause Lord knows he was the best father that I could have ever wanted:

1. Take him to a dinner at his favourite spot

My dad loved the seaside and walking in the forest. I would probably invite him for a seafood dinner or a walk in the forest, and perhaps go to a cafe with a dessert.

2. Write a card

I have always loved expressing how I feel on a card. It is a nice way to let people know how you feel, something they can look back at and an extra special gesture for them to be reminded of the positive thoughts or feelings you have towards them or simply letting them know how you feel in a non aggressive way – if your relationship to your father happens to be more complicated.

3. Buy a small present (something thoughtful)

My best example was a year when I got a pleaded shirt for my father. He loved pleads. However, when the lady was wrapping the shirt in she put a little wooden toy boat in the bow. This was what happened to make my dad’s day, in fact he wore both but the boat ended up in his office where he worked each day. When he passed away, I kept the boat with me as a memory.

Although he has sailed on, his memory still lives on in me. So to celebrate his life, I buy his favourite colour flowers, write him a note on what’s on my heart or make his favourite food and talk about him, share funny stories or look at photos. This way, I can still honour his memory and helps when I am having a bad day.

I hope for your out there that this can give you some ideas how to show appreciation to your dads, even though, they may annoy you 😉 or for ways to honour them when they are not. Although it may not be easy, what is done in love will always come back positively to you in the end.

Love conquers all.

Happy Father’s Day.