Is it better to snack or to diet?

Instead of suppressing your cravings we believe you should meet them with healthier tasty options for a sustainable lifestyle. According to Harvard {}, the best way to deal with cravings is to find a healthier alternative. We also recommend this Ted Talk on Why dieting doesn’t usually work (

How does StopMyCraving source its healthy, alternative snacks?

We only work with small-batch producers who create more nutritious, higher quality products that match your personalized needs. Our products are healthier and contain more natural nutrients than the usual products you crave. We also ensure nutritional quality by working with certified nutritionists before adding products to our website. Insert your preferences, and we will match healthy, affordable snacks to your diet and lifestyle requirements.

Why does StopMyCraving support small, ethical food producers?

The food industry is controlled by a dominant monopoly that places less focus on ethical products and procedures. Yet we believe that ethical products are vital for our environment and health, so we only work with sustainble producers. We have different sustainability categories we work with that you can explore here:

Why buy from us?

We offer healthy, tasty snacks that match your personal needs and requirements and deliver the snacks directly to your door. With us, there is no need to waste time during your busy day waiting in lines in supermarkets or scouring small print. Our snacks and snack boxes allow you to embrace your cravings at an affordable price to encourage a healthy lifestyle! We offer bulk and discounted subscription services so you can snack within your budget! If you happen to find a better price, we will price match!